Areas of Practice

Rimer, Arnon & Co. provides diverse legal services with a commercial-civil orientation, including representation in all of the various courts and during arbitration proceedings, and provides comprehensive professional legal counseling in relation to all real estate matters, including representation during real estate transactions, planning and building proceedings, real estate taxation, as well as intensive legal advisory services during all stages of real estate projects in Israel and abroad, with the emphasis on the provision of professional, efficient solutions to our clients.

Real estate in Israel:


In the field of real estate and in accompanying real estate transactions, Rimer, Arnon & Co. has amassed extensive proven experience in the provision of professional, intensive legal advisory services to developers and construction companies, including legal counseling during planning and construction licensing procedures, rezoning procedures, real estate betterment, representation during hearings at local authorities and various planning committees, representation during administrative petitions and during compensatory lawsuits for damages in respect of planning, expropriations and more.

The firm has extensive experience in conducting creative negotiations, while strictly safeguarding our clients’ interests, comprehensive experience in drafting all types of real estate contracts, experience in representing various bodies during engagements in municipal development agreements, real estate purchase, sale and rental agreements, cooperation agreements, combination agreements, in the organization and management of purchase groups, and in a variety of contracts pertaining to the planning, construction, financing and marketing of real estate projects, including loan agreements, construction performance agreements, architectural design agreements, consultants’ planning agreements, marketing agreements, brokerage agreements and more.

The firm specializes in handling all of the various registration proceedings, including the transfer and registration of rights at the Israel Lands Authority (formerly the Israel Lands Administration), at the various land registries, at housing companies, including the drawing up and registering of cooperation agreements, registration of condominium buildings, amendments to condominium building registration orders and more.

The firm has a wealth of experience in providing ongoing legal advisory services for residential projects and revenue-generating properties and during contractors’ registration proceedings.

Between 2007 and 2009, Rimer, Arnon & Co. was ranked by Dun & Bradstreet Israel in its magazine as among the leading law firms in the field of real estate, planning and building laws, thanks to the firm’s volume of activity in real estate during those years.

Urban renewal (redevelopment) and National Outline Plan 38:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. specializes in providing legal counseling and guidance during projects for urban renewal, redevelopment and structural reinforcement of existing buildings, and has extensive experience in providing counseling and legal services for projects relating to structural reinforcement in conformity with National Outline Plan 38 (a national urban building scheme for reinforcing existing buildings against earthquakes), representing developers and representing property owners.

Real estate taxation (betterment tax, purchase tax and property tax):

Rimer, Arnon & Co. specializes in representation and legal counseling in the field of real estate taxation (betterment tax, purchase tax and property tax), including representation during appeals proceedings.

Local authorities and municipal taxation (municipal tax, development levies, betterment levies and compensatory lawsuits):

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has extensive experience in representing various bodies in relation to municipal taxation, including municipal tax, development levies (sewage and drainage, pipe-laying, paving of roads and sidewalks, etc.), betterment levies, and extensive experience in representing clients in legal proceedings relating to planning damages, lawsuits pursuant to Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law and claims for damages in respect of land expropriation, including the management of appeals proceedings and administrative petitions.

In the past, the firm managed a legal proceeding against the Municipality of Nahariya for the refund of overcharged municipal tax, which was adjudicated in the Supreme Court, during which a new ruling was set down (Kazzas ruling), prescribing that property owners are entitled to sue for the return of municipal taxes paid in excess.

Planning and building:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. specializes in legal counseling and representation during various proceedings pursuant to the Planning and Building Law and opposite the various planning and building committees, including construction licensing proceedings (the obtaining of building permits), oppositions to permits, appeals, etc., and during proceedings pertaining to urban building schemes and land rezoning, including representation during oppositions, appeals and administrative petitions, compensatory lawsuits pursuant to Section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, in appeals against betterment levy charges and more.

Cooperative societies

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has extensive experience in legal representation of various bodies in real estate transactions in the agricultural sector, including expansions of moshavim (cooperative settlements), representation during sales and purchases of lots, home farms and long-lease farms in moshavim.

In the past, the firm provided advisory services during the project to expand  Moshav Alonei Abba, from the planning stages, through the engagement in a development agreement with the regional council, the marketing of lots in the expansion and the handling of the moshav’s debt arrangements, to the licensing and construction stages of the lots.

Representation of infrastructure companies:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has extensive experience in legal representation of infrastructure companies, including submission of bids for tenders, conducting negotiations, engaging with local authorities, and so forth.

The firm’s activities abroad in the field of real estate:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has diverse experience in consulting and representation during real estate transactions abroad, and has been active in the initiation of various projects in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Poland, the United States and England.

Within the scope of the firm’s activities abroad, the firm has engaged in cooperation agreements with local law firms, including for the purpose of providing professional, comprehensive solutions to clients, with the firm handling the supervision and control over agreements being drawn up with the assistance of local attorneys.

Commercial law:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has vast experience in representation of commercial companies, construction companies, representation and legal counseling during the founding and registration of companies and partnerships, in company liquidations, in conducting negotiations and providing representation during share offering transactions, including close involvement during due diligence proceedings and counseling in relation to the tax aspects of acquisitions.

Litigation and representation during judicial proceedings:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has vast and diverse experience in representation and litigation in civil courts (Magistrates’ Court, District Court and Supreme Court), in administrative tribunals, in the High Court of Justice, in courts for local affairs (including representation during criminal proceedings pertaining to planning and building and business licensing offenses), at the various appeals committees (pertaining to planning and building, real estate taxation, real estate registration and more), and representation during proceedings before the land registry supervisor and more.

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has extensive experience in the management of complex legal proceedings, primarily in the field of commercial law, including bank claims, class actions, property eviction claims, injunctions, garnishments and more.

Legal management and representation in the field of intellectual property companies:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has vast proven experience in special management, on behalf of district courts, of high tech companies facing insolvency proceedings, and, in such capacity, the firm has managed a significant number of companies with “going concern” status until the intellectual property was sold to buyers, primarily American companies, with maximum safeguarding of the rights of the employees in Israel and of creditors in general.

Lawsuits in respect of construction defects:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has extensive representation experience relative to lawsuits in respect of construction defects, representing construction companies during claims lodged by apartment buyers, and representing apartment buyers during claims against construction companies.

Management of bankruptcy proceedings:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. has vast experience in corporate law and in managing insolvency proceedings, including the management of receivership proceedings, company recovery plans, company liquidations, realization of debentures and sales of various assets, including disposals of real estate assets and intellectual property.

Labor law in commercial contexts:

Rimer, Arnon & Co. also specializes in resolving commercial disputes relating to labor law.

Commercial disputes relating to labor laws involve legal counseling based on both the provisions of labor law and the provisions of commercial law.

This is an extensive area of practice that addresses disputes pertaining to restrictions on freedom of work, breaches of confidentiality, unfair competition, and copyrights in relation to employer-employee relations, as opposed to ordinary employment relations.